Diocletians wine house

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Open Every day from 8 am – 1 am

About our Restaurant

Diocletian’s wine  house is on the groundfloor of our hotel. It is a restaurant in the center of Split, localy known as a must visit place. Great interior decoration, infront terrace and Roman terrace are just some of the reasons why you should enjoy traditional dalmatian food here. Our Chefs are a great team of men and women, making little miracles with fresh and seasonal groceries every day.

And the best thing is to sit after the whole day exploring the city, have a glass of wine and take a breath of true history, enjoying the present and thinking about future.


Dalmatian Peka

 A perfect balance of all the best Dalmatia has to offer on just one plate – PEKA.

It is a combination of meat, vegetables, dalmatian herbs and a little bit of love  baked on cinder, under the iron pot, covered with ash which gives remarkable scent to this meal. It is a unique tradition  you can only experience here, in Dalmatia.

Everyone who tastes it returns to us for sure 🙂 !

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Split culinary tour

Culinary tour is a true foodie experience. We start at the Golden gate by telling some local stories, what do we eat on some special dates, what we cook for our loved ones…

First stop: City fish market, where you can touch, smell and enjoy fresh Adriatic fish. Buying some groceries there and heading toward Green market to buy some homemade vegies & try some of local fruit.

After that we take all we have bought to the Chef at the restaurant and set up a time for having  the best lunch  ever, inside the Palace, treated like emperors should be.


Wine tasting

Unique private wine tasting organized in Diocletian’s Wine House. It is a real privilege to sit and drink inside 1700 years old walls of the Emperor’s palace.

Every wine takes you back in time when every single thing in a life of dalmatian people depended on the quality of their wine. But, with our great staff you will find out more about our culture, way of living and some legends that need to be told.

All you have to do is to be open minded for new experiences and ready to make some great memories.
Diocletian’s Wine House offers 101 Croatian wine labels to taste and some true dalmatian snacks to go with them.

Save your glass!

Reservations: + 385 (0) 99 564 7111 | desk@diocletianpalace.com