What to Do in Split on a Rainy Day?

What to Do in Split on a Rainy Day?

Planning your vacation in Croatia you were likely counting on sunny days, short sleeves and sandals. On most days you would be right, especially in the warmer time of the year, because Split has more than 2700 sunny hours a year, and enjoys a very nice Mediterranean climate. But, even if you find yourself in Split in the middle of the summer, a rainy day could happen. No need to worry, nothing’s lost, Split on a rainy day is beautiful still. And if you are wondering what to do in Split on a rainy day, we’ve got you covered.

Split Museums

What better way to know the culture of a town than visiting it’s museums and galleries. Among the best museums in Split, couple of them are inside the heart of Split, Diocletian’s palace. Among those, don’t miss the Split City Museum, that will take you through the history of Split from the first prehistoric settlers to the 20th century. See the table used by the emperor Diocletian on his opulent feasts or visit the oldest medieval house in Split. 
If you are interested in folklore and traditional culture and you want to learn how people were dressed in different parts of Croatia in the past, the Ethnographic Museum Split is your choice.

If you’re still inside the Palace see why Split ended up on UNESCO’s world heritage list and visit the Diocletian’s Palace Basement, one of the best preserved examples of Roman architecture. Around the time of our patron saint’s day, May 7th, the basements host the Traditional Flower Exhibition, not to miss if you are lucky to be here around that time. Game of Thrones fans should know that the basements were one of the  GoT filming locations in Split.

Speaking of GoT, fans can visit our very own Game of Thrones Museum Split, first one in Europe.

If you take a short stroll with an umbrella outside the Palace, you may stumble upon Gripe fortress that defended Split from the Turkish invasion. Today the fortress houses the Maritime Museum Split.Last but not the least, 10 minutes walking distance from the Split city centre lies the Archaeological Museum Split, the oldest museum in this part of Europe. With the vast collection of Latin inscriptions and many everyday objects mostly from the ruins of the nearby Roman city of Salona, for all of you lovers of classical antiquity Split Archaeological Museum is a must.

If you are more of an art aficionado, visit the Meštrović Gallery on the south side of Marjan Hill. What is particularly interesting is the fact that the gallery was both home and the atelier of Croatia’s most famous sculptor, author of the giant Grgur Ninski statue in Split and equally famous Bowman and Spearman in downtown Chicago. Seeing a truly spectacular view from the gallery’s garden, you might find yourself inspired too. Also, if you are planning a destination wedding, Meštrović gallery could easily end up on your list. If you’re still hungry for art, check out the Gallery of Fine Arts and Emanuel Vidović Gallery, both in the centre of Split.

Split shopping

If you were not prepared for a rainy day and you have to buy a jacket or a raincoat, or you simply enjoy shopping, plenty of possibilities here. There are three larger shopping malls in Split, only one of which is a walking distance from Split city center, Joker Mall. The two other malls are at the city periphery but can easily be reached by local buses or taxis.

Bus lines 1, 5, 6, 10, 16, 18 and 22 will take you to the biggest mall in Split, strategically called Mall of Split. You can also use the mall’s free bus line from the Croatian National Theatre to the Mall and back departing at 10:30, 14:15, 16:45 and 18:45.

City Center One, besides the shops, restaurants and multiplex cinemas you can find in other shopping malls as well, houses another attraction for kids and adults alike – Museum of Senses. To get there you can use the buses 18, 3 and 6.
If you would like to experience the old school shopping in Split City Center, or you simply don’t have enough time, the best shopping center Split is the whole of the Old town. Visit the known brands like Zara and Bershka or check out Croatian designers in the main shopping street in Split, Marmontova. Lose yourself in all the small boutiques scattered around the narrow medieval streets, also ideal if you are looking for souvenirs to take home.


If your vacation coincides with the release of a movie from your favorite franchise, don’t worry because in Croatian cinemas and television we only add Croatian subtitles, so you can watch a film in its original language. You can find three multiplex cinemas in Split, all of them in the malls we mentioned before.
For those of you who have a taste for classical films instead of blockbusters, ask for Kinoteka Zlatna Vrata (Golden Gate Cinema), a tiny movie theatre inside the Diocletian’s Palace.

So you see there is still a lot you can do on a rainy day in Split, from visiting the city’s museums and galleries to experiencing shopping in Split or joining some of the cultural events that might be happening at the time of your visit. But don’t forget the best and most important among things to do in Split on a rainy or any other day: join the locals in their favorite pastime – sweet art of doing nothing. Have a cup of coffee or a glass of Croatian wine in cozy cafe or a restaurant, try one of local specialties and enjoy life as we do.