Split – 5 things Not to Miss

Split – 5 things Not to Miss

If you are visiting Croatia, Split should definitely end up on your itinerary. Whether for its rich history, central position on the east Adriatic coast and vicinity to both the islands and major national parks or as the host of your favourite music festival, visiting Split is a must. Also, if you are planning your trip and you are wondering how many days is enough in Split –  we hope to answer your question by giving you all the options, depending on your travel style. In short –  this blog reveals what to do in Split!

St. Domnius Bell Tower, Peristyle of Diocletian’s Palace

What to do in Split – first five

  • The Old Town Split

Number 1 of ‘what to do in Split’ list! Whatever the reason for your visit to Split, walking down the narrow streets of the Old Town will raise some questions. You will immediately notice the many layers of history, and we know you’ll want to know more. The best way to learn everything you need to know is to join a walking tour with a local guide.

If you are on a tight schedule Diocletian’s Palace Tour will take you directly to the heart of Split and show you around its most famous attraction, Diocletian’s Palace. If you want a more complete overview, Split Walking tour is your best choice because not only will it take you to the Palace, but you will see the rest of the Old Town as well. And for those of you who want to see the city from another point of view, try Split Panoramic Tour or Game of Thrones Tour. If you prefer more intimate atmosphere, best decision is a private tour.

  • Visit Marjan Hill

 What Central Park is to New York, Marjan Hill is to Split. It’s the lungs of the city. It is a protected park forest intertwined with paths where locals go to find their weekly dose of peace and quiet. It can be also a big recreational zone for joggers and bikers. There are three viewpoints on the east side of the hill from which you can enjoy the view of the city and take some pretty memorable photos. You can swimm, hike, relax, drink some cold beverage or just a walk around.

what to do in split Marjan
Marjan Hill above the town
  • Eat what locals do

You know that you haven’t really been somewhere if you haven’t tried local food. Also, if you’ve been to, let’s say Zagreb or Istria, don’t presume that Dalmatian cuisine will be the same. Probably the best thing you can try is simple grilled fish with some Dalmatian chard, all seasoned with olive oil. Black risotto should be high on your bucket list, but check your teeth after because the cuttlefish’s ink will do its magic. Specialities like Pašticada or Peka are not to be missed and every family prides itself by having their own recipes for generations. And don’t forget ask for Dalmatian Wines!

  • Check out the beaches

Looking for a nice beach to cool off on a hot summer day or you just want to take a walk along the sea? There are plenty of options in Split. If you like the scent of pines, beaches around Marjan Hill will give you just that. Take a bus or rent a bike and you can find your little piece of heaven in no time. But if you prefer sand, head the other way. The first beach you’ll come across a short walk from the Old Town will be Bačvice beach. The most famous beach in Split is also a home of a unique sport invented in Split – Picigin

You can taste a bit of Dalmatia at the restaurant in the Diocletian Palace, book Wine Tasting after which you will start you long walk from the Palace to Marjan. You will pass Sustipan before you descover all beaches of Split.

When you’re in Dalmatia, eat like a Dalmatian
  • Chilling on riva

In every Mediterranean town, a promenade by the sea is definitely its living room. This is where everything happens: New Years’ Eve celebrations, open-air concerts, homecomings, summer events.. But Riva is also our favourite place to have a cup of coffee with our friends or, in wintertime, enjoy a sausage with beer or spicy mulled wine, even if we don’t exactly have a white Christmas. 

what to do in split riva
Best place to enjoy your coffee

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