Concierge Service

Our highly personalized service, friendly & knowledgeable staff provide a relaxing stay whether you enjoy services in the comfort of your room, restaurant services or while exploring Split in some of our recommended city tours.
Our services include concierge services, pick up/drop off service, amazing electric car tour,  walking tours, restaurant services, more than 50 daily tours, and many more.
If you’re looking for some concert tickets or you want a  table at some of the city restaurants, our staff is here to help and advise you. Whether it is a transfer inquiry, a shopping request or simply you want to get to know Split life and local customs, the concierge is here to make your stay more memorable.
Feel free to ask us for any information on restaurants,  city events, theatre, tours, sports,  hairdressing salon, massage appointment and just about anything else.
Enjoy Split – Enjoy Diocletian Palace Experience!
concierge service