Diocletian Palace Tickets

Where can you buy the tickets for the Docletian’s Palace and other popular question.


You don't

There is no such thing as tickets for the Diocletian’s Palace. It was a palace, 1700 years ago when it was built for emperor Diocletian. Now, what we refer to as The Palace is simply Split’s oldest neighborhood.


It is home to thousands of people and is a normal part of the city like any other.  Locals of Split still own property inside the palace and thousands of tourists stay in the apartments and hotels inside.


So, when you are visiting Split, you don’t need to worry. Just stroll through the palace and enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage Ste.

In 305 AD

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is no. The Diocletian’s Palace is part of the city of Split. 

There are museums located inside the area of the palace which require a ticket to go inside. Also, Split’s cathedral and the bell tower are pain entrance. 

Today, there is a large number of restaurants shops and cafes in the palace. From high-end to cheap ats, the palace has it all.

Yes they do. It is a normal neighborhood and locals of Split still own apartments inside.

It is easy. The palace is the oldest part of Split and the bell tower of the cathedral (tallest bell tower in Split) is its very center. Also the palace is right on the main promenade also known as the Riva.

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