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Top Highlights in The Diocletian's Palace

Peristil Square

Peristil Square in Split is the center of the Palace, surrounded by Roman architecture and offering a space where locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy its timeless beauty.

The Basements of the Palace

The basements of the palace in Split reveal a fascinating underground world, showcasing ancient cellars full of history and architectural marvels.

The Cathedral of St. Domnius

The Cathedral of St. Domnius in Split stands as a symbol of history and spirituality, inviting visitors to admire its ancient beauty.

The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate in Split is the main entrance to the ancient Diocletian's Palace, displaying intricate Roman architecture merged with diverse historical layers .

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Split, the second-largest city in Croatia, is a showcase of history and natural beauty. At its heart lies Diocletian’s Palace, a must-see attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the past echoes in every stone. Today, the city is bustling with a unique blend of tradition and modernity.


As you explore the city, don’t miss the opportunity to climb Marjan Hill. This green oasis offers a panoramic view of Split and the Adriatic Sea. Marjan Hill is not just a park; it’s a peaceful escape, providing a perfect contrast to the lively city below. The vibrant markets, cozy cafes, and inviting beaches along the Adriatic add to Split’s charm, making it a destination that caters to every traveler’s taste.


Split, with its rich cultural tapestry, showcases its heritage in museums like the Mestrovic Gallery, where one can discover the genius of one of Croatia’s finest sculptors. This 1700-year-old city offers an unforgettable experience for those seeking history, natural beauty, and the true feeling of the Mediterranean.

The city of Split offers unlimited possibilities for exploration. Discover all the best sites and the history behind them.

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Most Popular Tours in the Palace

Diocletian's Palace Walking Tour

Join us for a 1.5 hour walking tour of Split and see all major landmarks while listening to interesting stories and facts about the city.

Split and Diocletian's Palace Food Tour

Visit the city markets and the local shops for a food tasting tour where you will learn all about Dalmatian food and culture.

Wine Tasting in the Diocletian's Palace

Escape the city on a half-day excursion to the Krka National Park and visit one of the most beautiful nature sites in Croatia.

Romantic Dinner on a Secret Location

Organize something special for you and your loved one with this unique experience. Enjoy a tailor made dinner overlooking the Diocletian’s Palace.

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Where to eat in Split

The Old Town and The Palace

The Palace and the Old Town are a maze of streets and back alleys, however, it is in the smallest of streets that you find the true gems. Avoiding tourist traps can sometimes feel like a tense game of minesweeper.

Varoš Neighbourhood

The old neighbourhood of Split’s fishermen and farmers, Varoš is known for its rustic setting and traditional Konoba’s.

Along the Coastline

Split’s long coastline offers many opportunities for a meal with a seaside view. Spend a day swimming in the Adriatic and the evening sampling its tasty fish.

A Short Drive Away

For an authentic local experience, escape the city and go to some of the restaurants in the surrrounding towns for the best barbecues and spit roasts.

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The Essence of Dalmatia

Fresh Ingredients

Home-grown, testy vegetables sourced from the local markets.

Amazing Seafood

Fresh fish and seafood from the clean and blue Adriatic.

High Quality Meat

Free range tender meat from local Dalmatian farms.

Dalmatian Cuisine

A unique blend of the Mediterranean, Middle European, and Oriental

Dalmatian cuisine is a culinary symphony, a unique blend of the Mediterranean, Middle European and Oriental influences, the flavors that reflect the rich history of this Croatian coastal region. Known for its simplicity and reliance on fresh, local ingredients, Dalmatian dishes are children of the sea and sun. Grilled fish, olive oil, and fragrant herbs form the essence of this cuisine, while specialties like ‘pasticada’ (a slow-cooked beef stew) showcase its Venetian influences.


The iconic ‘pašticada,’ served with gnocchi, is a testament to the intricate flavors that emerge from this cultural fusion. With a backdrop of sun-soaked landscapes and the Adriatic Sea, dining on Dalmatian is a journey through centuries of diverse culinary influences and a taste of the region’s vibrant heritage.

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Food Tours and Wine Tastings

Go on guided food tour, wine tastings or visit the local vineyards. 

Split Food Tours

Split Wine Tasting

Split Vineyard

Music, Culture, Entertainment

Events and Culture

Inside the Palace

Split Summer Festival

The main cultural event in the city is the Split Summer, a classical music festival with a long tradition and annual performances on Peristil Square.

The Changing of the Guards

See emperor Diocletian in flesh as he comes out to greet the cheerful tourists. The event happens every day at noon on Peristil Square. 

Klapa Singing

Head over to the Vestibul to hear traditional Dalmatian Klapa singing. A form of a capella singing, Klapa’s have long been a staple of traditional Dalmatian music.

Beyond the Palace...

Mediterranean Film Festival

One of the cultural highlights of the year, the Mediterranean Film Festival in Split brings together some of the most talented actors and directors from Europe in a week-long celebration of film art.

HNK Hajduk

“The greatest Croatian football club” is considered by many to be the most important thing in Split, and going to a home game is a must if you have the opportunity.

Croatian National Theater in Split

The Croatian National Theater has been the city’s premier institution since its beginning in 1893, and its Split Summer Festival is one of the most significant classical music festivals in the entire region.

Outdoor Events

Summer time in Split is a carousel of festivals, concerts, street food events and parties ideal for the warm summer nights. 

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